Providing hope for the youngest victims in Gwinnett County, Georgia. 

Providing necessary school supplies to children in Gwinnett County who are in need to ensure they are equipped and prepared to learn.

Who We Serve

Looking at the data below it's easy to identify a trend, homelessness and poverty are on the rise. And it's not in rural or impoversished neighborhoods, it's happening in our backyard. Thousands of children that live in Gwinnett County identify as homeless and 20% of all children live below the poverty line. Each year the number of GCPS students that are homeless or living in poverty steadily increase. Regardless or age or income status, one thing holds true for all students, an education is the key to their future. Often times receiving an education is a child's best hope of breaking free from the cycle of poverty. But when a family is struggling to buy food or even pay for rent how are they supposed to manage purchasing school supplies for their children each year? They most often can not afford to buy school supplies so those students lack the basic tools needed to succeed in school. This is where Back to School Back Pack Program steps in to bridge that gap. B2SBP raises funds to purchase backpacks and school supplies for those children in Gwinnett County who go without. 

-The National Center on Family Homelessness reported that more than 1.5 million children in the United States are homeless each year and that Georgia has the second highest rate of homeless children in the country. (America’s Youngest Outcasts, 2009).

-The National Center on Family Homelessness reports that 1-in-50 children in America are homeless each year. According to this statistic, Gwinnett County has an estimated 6,000 homeless children each year.

-The 2010 Census data shows that Georgia’s poverty rate was the third highest in the country with Gwinnett County having almost 14% of its total population – and over 20% of its children – living below the poverty level.

-According to the latest US Census Bureau American Community Survey, 26.3% of Georgia’s children live in poverty – up from 24.8% in 2011. That’s more than 640,000 children under age 18.
(US Census Bureau, American Community Survey Profile. Data released September 2012)

-During the 2010-2011 school year the Gwinnett County Public School System accomodated over 1,655 known homeless students.

-During the 2015 school year, the Gwinnett County School system accommodated over 2100 known homeless students.

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